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Our Pastors

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Trinity is committed to a plurality of leadership—men of spiritual character (“elders”) who shepherd or pastor the flock and spiritually oversee the ministry. Each member of Trinity is part of a “shepherd group” that is overseen by one of our elders.

Greg Mazak

Senior Pastor

Pastor Greg Mazak is the elder responsible for Trinity’s pulpit ministry—we call him our Senior Pastor. Raised in a Roman Catholic family, Greg put faith in Christ at a Bible study while a Psychology major at Ohio State. After sharing the Gospel with Nancy she accepted Christ—and his marriage proposal. Greg and Nancy moved to SC where he earned the M.Div. and Ph.D. in NT (Bob Jones Univ.) and an M.Ed. in Counseling (Clemson Univ.).

Greg and Nancy have been blessed with 3 daughters—1 married and 2 in college. Greg also teaches biblical counseling at BJU and speaks at camps, retreats and churches. Greg’s hobbies include hanging out with his family, watching sports, reading, jogging and riding his motorcycle.

pastor ward andersen

Ward Andersen

Assistant Pastor

Ward Andersen is an elder who assists in ministry as a member of pastoral staff, including helping with administration. Originally from Arizona, Ward’s parents came to Christ through the ministry of a church planter. Ward became a believer as an 8 year old child—and continues to exercise childlike faith in the Gospel, although he now has a M.A. and Ph.D. in NT.

Ward and his wife Donna have been blessed with 4 children—all now adults. Ward taught Bible at BJU for 45 years before recently retiring. He now has more time to spend on his hobbies, which include dating Donna, visiting his grandchildren and working around the house—in that order!